We are a group of nearly three dozen faculty, staff, and students committed to engaging contemporary audiences in conversations about our past as a way to affect positive 改变dafa888下载现在的校园文化. dafa888下载热切希望,通过这项工作, we can abolish any deep-seated prejudices, changing hearts and minds by sharing our history—and the omissions of history—that illuminate the imperative for all of us 用尊严和尊重对待dafa888下载的人类同胞. dafa888下载与有色人种站在一起 who have been marginalized and victimized throughout our nation’s history, from past 从时代到今天. dafa888下载历史项目负责 the honest and forthright examination of the institution’s troubling 历史遗产 of racism and the urgent need to acknowledge and reconcile this history in order to 消除当前的种族不公.


In 2019, concerned students drew attention to a late 18th-century painting of a Chestertown 《dafa888casino网页版下载》 (上图), 挂在总统的办公室外面. 显示 this romanticized depiction of white supremacy and enslavement, with Washington College sitting peacefully on a hill in the distance, in one of the College’s most important spaces, 学生们说,这表明dafa888下载离诚实地了解dafa888下载的过去还有很长的路要走. The call to move the painting led to its removal and temporary storage in the College 档案. 这一重大变化是2019年和2019年由学生领导的众多行动之一 2020 that have helped lead to the formation of the Washington College History Group—and, beyond it, to the College’s commitment to uncover and acknowledge its real past, and 今天努力建设一个真正包容的社区. 

dafa888下载历史项目, initiated in the Summer of 2020 by the President of Washington College, has a three-part mission: 

  • To illuminate George Washington's and Washington College's historical connection to 奴役和种族;
  • 通过公开声明和象征性行动承认这段历史;
  • And to work for change on our campus and in our campus culture in response to this 历史遗产.



这一组.将乔治·华盛顿和华盛顿学院的 奴隶制和种族的历史联系. 历史系的教员 and staff in the 斯塔尔美国经验研究中心 have been exploring 过去几年的联系. 委员会成员如下:

  • 玛西娅Landskroener M ' 02,战略传播高级总监
  • 肯•米勒 历史学副教授 
  • 帕特纽金特他是斯塔尔美国经验研究中心的副主任

这一组 is tasked with framing our messaging and communicating the work of the “查找”和“和解”组. 委员会成员如下:

  • 乌鸦主教,教学技术专家(主席)
  • 埃琳娜Deanda他是西班牙裔研究的副教授 
  • 塔拉喜悦现任科尔画廊馆长 
  • 亚当•Goodheart Hodson Trust-Griswold Director of the 斯塔尔美国经验研究中心
  • 洛娜猎人他是负责招生管理和市场营销的副总裁
  • 玛西娅Landskroener M ' 02,战略传播高级总监
  • 凯文·奥基夫74年,书院名誉董事 
  • 杰森Patterson,弗雷德里克·道格拉斯客座研究员
  • 里德的21, SGA荣誉董事会主席
  • 维克多Sensenig,参谋长和项目联合主席

这一组 is tasked with developing and recommending actionable items that will help begin the healing process as we work for change on our campus and in our campus culture. 委员会成员如下:

  • Carese贝茨, 跨文化事务办公室主任
  • 苏茜·蔡斯90便士21便士 晋升副总裁  
  • 埃文·克莱顿,助理帆船教练 
  • 莎拉Feyerherm副校长兼学生事务主任 
  • 克莱尔·汉森的14、多样性联络
  • 迈克尔·哈维、临时教务长及学院院长、项目联合主席
  • Pat McMenamin, 87年,16年, 前校友委员会主席
  • 露丝 Shoge, 图书馆及学术科技学院院长(退休)
  • 克里斯汀·韦德他是政治科学和国际研究教授


  • 林恩L. Bergeson P ' 14 - Bergeson创始成员和管理合伙人 & 坎贝尔,P.C.,切 Maryland
  • 诺里斯W. 小海军准将. ’73  ——导演,合同 & 谈判集团,IBM信贷公司,罗得州新港 岛
  • 唐纳德·C. 托马斯·P ' 98 -马里兰州波托马克的北极星房地产医疗保健公司总裁


Not since the March on Washington 57 years ago have the American people rallied together 带着如此沮丧和迫切的要求种族公正. 无缘无故的暴力和 对有色人种的暴行引发了一系列抗议活动. 考虑到社会 and political polarizations fragmenting communities across the nation, Washington 大学也有自己的种族冲突. dafa888下载呼吁变革. 和它开始 这里是dafa888下载历史项目.

The racial inequities that Civil Rights activists sought to address in 1963 have their roots in the legacy of slavery and racial oppression upon which our nation was built. As the first college chartered in the new nation, Washington College was complicit 在种族主义体系中. dafa888下载早该承认这段伤害人心的历史了 并且开始赔罪.






 星号计划,由理查德·E. 荷斯坦68年的《dafa888casino网页版下载》 explores the history of Washington College, reconciling our past with the present 种族不平等的现实. For too long, Washington College  has told just one side of its story, exalting dafa888下载的开国元勋以及压制他们在制度性种族主义中的同谋. 星号 Initiative seeks to rectify this omission as we move towards building a truly inclusive 社区.

Through this ongoing  initiative, we aim to celebrate both the strength and the struggle, to acknowledge both the trauma and the endurance, past and present, of the people 是谁使dafa888下载的社区在多元性和复杂性上更加丰富.




This collection of artwork is the culmination of a two-year project by history based artist 杰森帕特森 that began during his time as the Frederick Douglass visiting fellow at Washington College’s 斯塔尔美国经验研究中心. This project addresses the experiences of African American lives, starting in post-colonial Kent County, Maryland and at Washington College, the first college established in 建国后的美国.




教育的遗产和黑人的经历 at Washington College and in Kent County

遗产日是为了纪念肯特县的非裔美国人的丰富遗产.  在 在疫情期间,组织者于8月8日举办了一场虚拟庆祝活动. 15突出 of which was a 社区 conversation organized by the College's Kohl Gallery and 由切萨皮克心脏中心员工/教师奖学金支持. “教育遗产 and the 黑色的 Experience at dafa888下载和肯特郡" was offered in conjunction with artist 杰森帕特森's upcoming October exhibition: "On the 黑色的 History of dafa888下载和肯特郡."

主持由莫尼克·戴维斯牧师主持. 橄榄油一.M.E. Worton的教堂, Maryland, the panel included local artist 杰森帕特森 and collaborator Jaelon Moaney, as well as special guests Jocelyn Elmore, Darius Johnson, and Carolyn K. Erwin-all dafa888下载毕业生. 帕特森是斯塔尔中心的弗雷德里克·道格拉斯 访问学者, 




The Town of Chestertown has committed to a 16-month action plan designed to educate the 社区 about its history pertaining to race relations, to pursue legislative reforms that address systemic racism, and to promote unity, equality, and inclusivity 在所有居民. 华盛顿学院的代表,第一次会议 切斯特敦股权咨询委员会于2020年12月举行了一次会议 切斯特敦联合起来反对种族主义 website—including the comprehensive plan focused on education, legislation, and unification—was 2021年1月推出.



切萨皮克腹地; An African American Humanities Project

切萨皮克腹地 is a new collaboration between the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington College, and a diverse array of local organizations 包括萨姆纳大厅、肯特文化联盟和肯特县公共图书馆. 它的 mission is to preserve, digitize, interpret, and make accessible materials related 非裔美国人的历史和文化. 





Since the Spring of 2018, Professor of History Carol Wilson has led teams of undergraduates investigating Washington College's connection to enslavement, sharing the stories of slaveholders associated with the institution as well as those of enslaved people 还有在校园里工作的自由黑人.